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Motomuck 5l Auto Cleaner

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5 Litres of Automuck Clean. Can be used in conjunction with Motomuck squirter with tube, empty squirty bottle or even a waterblaster for easy application, even in those upside down places.

Automuck Clean is a NO EFFORT, PH neutral cleaner specifically designed to remove dirt, mud, oil, grease and muck from your vehicle whilst leaving a protective layer which aids in future cleaning and enhancing the overall surface finish.

The results from washing your vehicle with Automuck Clean are outstanding. As Automuck Clean is a non-caustic, acid free cleaner, it won’t fade your vehicles aluminium, alloys or plastic overtime. It will however cut through all the new and old grime, and bring out the original lustre that hides beneath.

The best thing about Automuck Clean is it requires no brushes once the protective coating has built up, so NO EFFORT! Simply spray a generous layer to vehicle, leave it to soak in for 5-10 minutes and spray off. It's that simple! No need to use a high pressure cleaner, therefore preventing blasting out of grease in all linkages and bearings, and other short and long term damage caused by high pressure cleaners.  

Automuck Clean is used extensively in all forms of Motorsport including Track, Offroad, Rally and Speedway, and is endorsed by various Motorsport Champions. It is also perfect for keeping your 4×4 and daily driver sparkling clean with No Effort! It is an exceptional engine cleaner and degreaser , and also very popular in the Truck cleaning industry.

Motomuck 5l Auto CleanerMotomuck 5l Auto Cleaner