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Aegis Dex3 5l

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Aegis Automatic Transmission Fluid – Universal is formulated as a new generation multipurpose Automatic Transmission Fluid and is designed to offer maximum protection to most commonly found Automatic Transmissions found in passenger cars, small trucks, utes and vans. It is suitable for use where a Dextron II, II-E, Dextron III or Mercon Transmission Fluid is recommended


  • Where Dextron, Dextron II, Dextron II-E or Dextron III oil is recommended.
  • Where Mercon, Ford M2C138-CJ or M2C166-H oils are recommended.
  • Where Allison C-4 Oils are recommended.
  • Where a GM, Chrysler or Borg Warner Transmission is fitted.
  • Late model Fords requiring type CI and type H oils.
  • Where a Clark torque converter or powershift transmission is fitted.
  • In most passenger car, vans, utilities and small truck automatic transmissions.
  • Suitable in most power steering units.


  • Blended using the latest in additive technology to help prevent the formation of deposits which affect the performance of control valves found in automatic transmissions.
  • Provides cost advantages through the use of one oil for most applications.
  • Offers excellent cold running properties in cold weather, helping to eliminate cold start stalling.
  • Through the use of special friction modifier additives helps to facilitate smoother shifting.
Aegis Dex3 5l